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SAP FICO – Financial and Cost Controlling module is an other remarkable SAP ERP module. Here the FI represents Financial Accounting and CO represents controlling. This module is highly robust and it covers every business process that is encountered in different industries. This SAP module is considered to be the most important and widely used module.

SAP FICO can be configured for both internal and external accounting processes. This is a core module of ERP process and the real-time financial transactions are well integrated with enormous parallel SAP module to achieve best results.

The SAP FICO offers sophisticated means of financial transactions, which reports better handling of all accounts. However, external reports, which were generated using SAP FICO are mostly used by administrators, banks, stockholders, managers, and administrators. This SAP FI is also responsible to integrate diverse modules whilst generating a single system for an entire organization.

SAP Training Chennai provides SAP FICO Training in Chennai comprising advanced curriculum. Our specially designed advanced curriculum will help the employees to efficiently manage the data involved in business and financial transactions, indeed in a unified system. By gaining a good skill and knowledge in FICO, you will become capable of centrally tracking the financial accounting data, particularly within international framework of several languages, accounts charts, companies, and currencies.

This SAP FICO module deals with bank, cash, fixed assets, journal, tax accounting, inventory, general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fast close functions, parallel valuations, master data governance and financial statements. From our SAP FICO Course in Chennai you will get a complete insight of financial transactions and cost controlling right from the basic to advanced topics.

Core Objectives of our SAP FICO Certification in Chennai Training Program:

Our professional SAP FICO training program will create an excellent career opportunity for the qualified candidates. On completion of this training, every potential candidate will become capable of;

  • Using the latest software tool to manage financial activities in an organization
  • It helps to improve the overall financial processes in a company and thus increase value addition
  • It helps to implement methods and techniques to ensure smooth financial accounting whilst controlling the functions
  • You will get the skills to track and monitor the data of various cost and profit centers across the globe, especially from a single platform

Who can Choose Our SAP FICO Training?

Our SAP FICO training benefits every individual candidate seeking to gain advanced knowledge in financial management and cost control. In this aspect, it benefits both the fresher striving hard to enter the industry new and working professionals who are already employed. This certification program benefits a specific group of professionals to achieve improved skills and grow in their career with better job positions and salary package. In this aspect, our SAP FICO course will benefit:

  • Business analysts
  • Finance managers
  • Finance analysts
  • And graduates with finance background

As a prerequisite, you are expected to possess some basic knowledge of the accounting concepts. However, you can still take up this training program even if you do not have any such accounting knowledge.

Why Choose SAP Training Chennai for SAP FICO Course?

Here follow some valid reasons to emphasize the need to choose our SAP FICO Training Institute in Chennai for your certification;

• All classes are taken only by certified SAP FICO working professionals and thus we assure highest quality training program conducted in our institute
• You will learn everything essential and you must know to boost up your career
• Our curriculum and training will make you become more productive and thus increase your opportunity to get employed soon
• We provide ample hands-on practices to enable you to learn better and gain a good knowledge
• Our real-time projects will make you become confident to handle any projects assigned to you soon after getting employed in an organization
• We provide the most flexible learning time both online and boot camp
• Our online program enables working professionals to attend this training program at their flexible timing without getting their work disturbed
• We offer the SAP FICO course at the best affordable cost, which you can never find from our competitors

What does our SAP FICO course comprise?

Our SAP FICO course will comprise everything that you should learn and gain knowledge to enter the industry. It will certainly make you become successful in your job search and get employed in a good job position. In this aspect, our SAP FICO course will comprise;

  • SAP R/1 / Introduction to ERP
  • Financial accounting basic settings
  • Definition of company code
  • Product cost controlling
  • Profitability analysis
  • Cost element accounting
  • Cost center accounting
  • Internal orders
  • Activity-based accounting
  • Profit center accounting and more

Our SAP FICO module will enable potential professional to facilitate any business processes in a company including;

  • Bank accounting
  • Accounts payable
  • General ledge / special purpose ledger
  • Asset accounting
  • Accounts receivable
  • Funds management
  • Travel management

Our SAP FICO Training Centre in Chennai also offers live classes to the candidates under the supervision of expert tutors. This enables every individual to learn every concept involved in this module in a better way and with clear understanding.

We indeed create you the flexibility to take up this course on weekdays or weekends. Perhaps, our fast track training will enable you to complete the entire course within a short time span. This benefits the busy professionals who especially want to learn quickly about the SAP FICO concepts and implement them in their current working environment. We also provide lifetime access to the recorded SAP FICO videos, which hugely benefits the professionals. We also provide our candidates 24/7 access to the digital library.

If you are choosing our SAP Training Chennai center for your SAP FICO course, then you have landed on the right place. Our certification means a lot to you especially in achieving your desired career objective.

Our support team is always ready to provide you instant support to your inquiries. Therefore, you can approach us anytime to know more about our SAP FICO course and other related courses available with us.

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  • Placement Oriented Courses
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We proudly offering you the best sap fico training in chennai with 100% Placement assurance.Our Trainers are well experienced in sap fico with more than 10 years of experience and they are all working in Top MNC’s, and they also having the capacity to do a realtime project by their own.We will provide you the best Infrastructure to gain your sap fico career in a right place as sap fico end user training in chennai.

SAP FICO Training in Chennai

SAP FICO- Financial Accounting and controlling.This is the major module for ERP and also both Finance and Controller modules which is used to store the entire data Transaction.

In earlier stage there was a plenty of time available for managing and to develop the strategy based data received by them.But now a days the things have been changed.All the companies depend on machine to calculate data and present the best strategy that an organization can implement.The latest decision making process is said to be Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP).It provides the software which is used to store the data.It saves your time and provides the result in accurate range.



Maintaining master Data

  • Commitment item Hierarchy
  • Funds Center Hierarchy
  • Application of funds

Status Management

  • Controlling commercial transaction
  • Individual combination of commitment item


  • Data visibility
  • Inventory Connectivity
  • Provides a comprehensive picture of external accounting
  • Interconnectivity with other domains.

All the advanced features are purely delivered in our sap fico training institute in chennai to gain more knowledge in sap fico, choose your sap fico courses chennai.

Why to choose sap fico Training institute in chennai

SAP-System Application and Products

SAP is one of the largest enterprise software application towards better ERP.Different modules of sap is developed for different process.SAP FICO is one of the most recently used modules of SAP.You can do your sap fico certification course in chennai to attain the basic need of industry.This SAP FICO video training will enhance the combination of SAP Finance and SAP Controller Configuration for SAP users.Students who going to begin their career in SAP FICO needs to build a strong foundation in both SAP Finance and SAP Controller modules.You can shine if you join your SAP FICO Training in chennai.

We are having faculties with more experience in this field.You can choose sap fico career for your future use.Our trainers will clearly explain you all the sap fico module from base to advance.SAP fico training centre in chennai will give you the training as per the industry needs.You can do your Sap fico project by your own if you choose sap fico training institute in chennai.You can develop you sap fico career by choosing a right institute with well experienced professionals.We providing you the best infrastructure to gain your sap fico career with full fledged.You can get the satisfaction by choosing yor sap fico training institute in chennai.

SAP FICO online training in Chennai-Training in our Place

SAP FICO is a core module for SAP ERP.SAP FICO module is truely useful for those who are in the finance and accounting Professionals,who wish to deliver into a creative and interactive scenario by which they can apply their real time experience and you can become an expert by switchiing to anothe level of simulation.SAP FICO online training in chennai will covers all the modules which are all taken in real time classes.SAP FICO training videos will be provided for your reference.Our Experienced professionals will train you from the basics to advanced level in sap fico consultants.Online classes are also available in a right manner while choosig SAP fico courses chennai.

Primary requirement of students is to have any commerce degree.Students who working with cost accounting field are needed with basic grasp in subject.You should have the basic knowledge of domain, accounting and quality management.We are conducting a free demo class on all the basic need of industry.SAP FICO training pdf will be provided with free of cost.Our trainers will teach you with some real time sap fico project fico training in chennai will give you the approved concepts with some advanced technology.Sap fico training videos will be provided for your references.

  • Software guided training system
  • Simple step by step instructions will be provided
  • No need for prior accounts knowledge
  • Account classes is incorporate in this system
  • Progress monitored by Experienced consultants.


Syllabus for SAP FICO certification course in chennai

SAP FICO module will clearly explain you the industry based concepts in a wide manner.SAP FICO interview questions will provided for your career support, join for your sap fico training in chennai.

What is sap fico certification course in chennai?
SAP FICO is helpful for you to develop your sap fico career skills in a right way.After getting certified in sap fico you will become and end user and can manage the entire world with sap fico module.

The Following will available at sap fico module training in chennai

FI- Finance

  • General Ledger Accounting
    • Organization Structure
      • Defining company
      • Company codes
      • Business area/ Profit Centers
    • Global Settings for Financial Accounting
      • Variant in Fiscal Year
      • Variant in Fiscal Status
      • Tolerance group
    • Master Data
    • New GL Planning
    • Intro to New GL
    • Automatic Clearing
    • Parallel / Foreign Currencies
    • Recurring Entries
    • Easy access Screen
      • GL Master Creation
      • Document Posting
      • Document Reference
    • GL Reports
  • Account Payable
    • Master Data
    • Dealer Outing Payment
      • Payment Method
      • Manual / Automatic Payment
    • Advanced GL transaction
    • Payment Rate
    • Tax Withholder
    • Dealer Reports
  • Account Receivable
    • Master Data
    • Dealer Incoming Payment
      • Receipts(Manual)
      • Cheque Deposit
    • Advanced GL Transaction
      • Dealer Payment
      • Bill Exchanges
    • Payment Rate
    • Cash Discounts
    • Business Process
      • Posting of an Invoice
      • Receipt(Advance)
    • Dealer Report
  • Asset Accounting
    • Organisation Structure
      • Deprecation Chart
      • Determine a Account
      • Classes on Asset
    • Direct Asset Procurement
    • Asset Procurement through MM
    • Key Depreciation
    • Scrapping of asset
  • Bank Accounting
    • House bank
    • Bank ID
    • Cheque deposit


  • General Controlling
    • Organisation Structure
    • Controlling Area
  • Cost Element
    • Primary Cost Element
    • Secondary Cost Element
    • Automatic cost Cost Element
  • Cost Center
    • Defining Standard Accounting
    • Cost Center Creation
    • Cost Center Group Creation
  • Product Cost
    • Cost Planning
    • Cost Object Controller
    • Closing Activities
  • Transaction Posting
    • Controller Document Number assignment
    • Account Assignment (Logic)
    • Account Assignment (Automatic / Default)
  • Profit Center
    • Basic of Profit Center
    • Planning
    • Creation of Profit Center
    • Profit Center Group Creation
    • Dummy Profit Center creation
    • PC Posing

SAP FICO training in chennai will covers all the modules which need for industry as digital business.

Why we are the best sap fico training institutes in chennai when compared to others

We named as the best SAP FICO Training institutes in chennai because we are taking classes in a unique way to gain more knowledge in sap fico module.We offering the best SAP fico Training for the students with 100% placement assurance and one year of technical support.Our Trainers are well Experienced in and they are all working in MNC’s.SAP FICO training in chennai will provide you the following facilities. We also offers sap fico jobs in chennai

  • Best Infrastructure to get train in SAP FICO
  • Flexible fees Structure.
  • Flexible timing
  • 100% of classes with practical section.
  • Softcopy of SAP FICO pdf will be provided.
  • Free Internet connection to download the syllabus.
  • SAP FICO interview questions will be undertaken
  • Resume preparation with free of cost.


Real Time sap fico module training in chennai

SAP fico module training in chennai will execute from the basics to the advanced level.We are having experts with real time project examples, who are all working in top level MNC’s.You can also get placed in Top companies if you get trained the full sap fico module training in fico module is the combination of Finance and accounting.SAP FICO Training in chennai will satisfy All these specified modules will relatively explained in this targeted place.Our trainers will train you with some real time sap fico project.SAP FICO Training institute in chennai will follow all the sap fico module in a clear view.

FI (Finance) – Used for external Reporting

  • General Ledger Accounting
  • Account Payable
  • Account Receivable
  • Asset Accounting
  • Bank Accounting

CO (Controller) – Used for internal reporting process

  • General Controlling
  • Cost Element
  • Cost Center
  • Product Cost
  • Transaction Posting
  • Profit Center


An Extensive SAP FICO end user training in chennai

The Above mentioned process will capable for this sap fico end user training in chennai.We will guide you for SAP FICO module.The extensive SAP FICO End user document describes each process needs, It will gives you the process of procedure overview,It shows you all the required steps and it also explains the field of module process in complete section.You can find the end user modules will have the following submodules.SAP FICO online training in chennai will also ensures the basic needs to get sap fico jobs in chennai.
Public Sector Management will includes all the entire course modules which is relatively obtained.For your further reference in sap, come and join sap fico end user training in chennai.

  • General Ledger
  • Account Payment
  • Account Receivable
  • Asset Accounting
  • Cost Center Accounting