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SAP PP – Production Planning is one of the key modules of SAP. This module is designed to integrate various departments, which are involved in production and manufacturing processes. This module will include;

  • Sales and operation planning
  • Data management
  • Long-term planning
  • Master production schedule
  • Material requirements planning
  • Shop floor control
  • Information system
  • Capacity requirements planning

These planning modules will allow an organization to perfectly plan their production and procurement.

The SAP PP deals with production processes related to the business. In this, the SAP R/3 is modified into the transaction data and master data and of which the master data will deal with the individual objects. The production planning sub-modules will include SOP, DM, LTP, MPS, shop floor control, CRP and information systems. These modules are an integral part of SAP logistics functional key, which includes PM and MM components. This SAP PP integration will help to ensure the business that finished goods are manufactured and delivered at right time without any delay.

The SAP PP involves various activities including;

  • Planning the material requirements
  • Preparing material bill
  • Capacity / routing planning and more

However, no matter what the job is, everything in SAP module will revolve around the master data stored in the centralized master data tables.

The master data is further categorized into various types and they will include;

  • Materials master
  • BOM
  • Routing
  • Work center

The master data is also used to create any transactional data, especially in SAP ECC. This may feature creating the sales order in SD, production order in PP, purchase order in MM and others.

SAP PP is an important component of the ERP, which helps the business plan their goods manufacturing, distribution, and sales. To say, this SAP PP module has a major role to play in supply chain of the manufacturer. It also integrates featured ECC components including;

  • Quality management
  • Materials management
  • Sales and distribution
  • Plant maintenance
  • Finance
  • Human resources
  • Controlling

The sub-modules of SAP PP may vary according to the type of industry it is being integrated such as repetitive production, discrete production, production industries and others. With enormous benefits to gain from this SAP module, almost all organizations look to employ the professionals with SAP PP certification from a reputable SAP PP Training Institute in Chennai.

SAP Training Chennai takes the opportunity to exhibit us as one of the leading and renowned SAP PP Training Centers in Chennai providing best training program. We constantly check with the current industry happenings and updates to enhance and update our course materials. This attempt helps us to design the training program that best meets the expectations of both the candidates striving hard to look a better career opportunity and employer seeking to employ right candidate with relevant SAP PP certification and skill sets.

From our SAP PP Course in Chennai, every potential candidate will get a clear understanding of the master data used in the process and learn how to run the materials requirement planning – MRP.

Our curriculum will contain theoretical overview, demo classes and hands-on practices to help you gain complete knowledge about the subject. Moreover, we have also planned and designed the course to help you work on real-time projects, which is crucial every aspiring candidate employed in a job position to instantly and confidently handle the assigned project, no matter however complex it is. We thus take the pride of being a professional crew of professional tutors and industry experts providing best SAP PP Training in Chennai.

Who can choose this SAP PP Certification in Chennai Training Program?

There are no restrictions on the candidates who want to take up this SAP PP training program. Be you are a fresher or a working professional already handling the SAP modules, you can still take up this course to improve your knowledge and obtain the certification to excel in your career. However, here are a group of professionals and candidates who can benefit the most from our SAP PP training program:

  • SAP Consultants
  • SAP users / End-users
  • Procurement / production planners
  • Functional Analyst
  • Production planners
  • Professionals seeking to gain extra knowledge of advanced technologies
  • Any candidate interested in learning SAP production planning functionalities

Key Objective of Our SAP PP Training

We aim at creating a wonderful career opportunity for our candidates who are successfully completing the training program in SAP PP. With the same focus, we function with some key objectives of benefiting our candidates like;

  • Understand obtaining and using master material data
  • Explore an overview of PP integration
  • Understand batch management
  • Learn operational, sales and master planning

Why should you Choose SAP PP?

The SAP PP will align demand with the manufacturing capacity. This module can effectively create the procurement and production schedules for component materials and common products. PP can also align demand with the manufacturing capacity. SAP PP will revolve around master data, especially which is stored and manipulated. It can also handle business process, which is related to the company’s production.

With ample benefits to gain from this SAP PP training program, there is no any specific prerequisites required to take up this course. However, any candidate with functional knowledge of Master data, standard planning, and other related sectors can benefit more.

Why Choose SAP Training Chennai for SAP PP Certification?

Here are a few factors to favor your selection;

  • The training program is conducted only by certified and experienced SAP PP working professionals
  • Our study modules will comprise everything essential for you to become a professional and handle the real-time project
  • Our course will make you more productive and you will like our training style / approaches
  • We provide ample hands-on practices, which will increase your confidence level to handle any complex real-time tasks
  • We are absolutely flexible with the candidates to help them choose their training time and thus benefit even the working professionals to join the course online
  • Our course materials and curriculum are up to date according to the present industry requisites and suit corporate environment

If you are looking to join our SAP PP training program, then we welcome you with the readily prepared details, which can help you get a better idea about our modules.

Feel free to contact our support team to get more details about our various SAP training program.

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Why we are No.1 ?
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Our SAP Training in Chennai provides course completion at the right time with immediate placement. Our sap pp course content is prepared in technical way to reach all students and get job in leading MNC which starts with the basic concepts like what is sap ? We have young professionals who will be working as a group for more than 10 years. Our sap pp training chennai offer course which will be for graduates and other working professionals. We help them to achieve their IT field. We offer many other courses also. The softcopy of sap pp training material pdf also provided to the students at the end of sap pp training in chennai. sap pp online training in chennai service also available at our institute. sap pp training videos are available online to gather few knowledge about the course.




The below are few things our institute provides for the students undergoing sap pp training in chennai at our institute,


  • Free trial for two days.
  • Customized syllabus with well defined sap pp course content.
  • Resume preparation.
  • Excellent teaching faculty with sap pp certification in chennai.
  • Mock interview.
  • 100% placement assurance for sap pp jobs in chennai.
  • Certification support for getting authorized sap pp certification in chennai.




Our production planning course contains the following in it,


  • ERP introduction
  • Data management and data creating
  • SOP
  • Reporting and analysing
  • Capacity planning
  • Planning product cost


What is the benefit of doing sap pp training Chennai


There are lot of benefits in doing sap pp training in chennai few of them are listed below


  • Job
  • Money
  • Recognition
  • Prospects
  • Promotion




The first benefit is the job assurance. There are lot of vacancies for sap pp jobs in chennai with decent salary and the corporate are looking for the professionals with SAP PP certification.




Many people believe that the return amount will be more than the investment which will be an long term investment.




The professionals with certification will be highly recognized and in most of the job in market is mentioned as “SAP CERTIFICATION” is mandatory.




The professionals with sap pp training in chennai will enjoy an cushion in their career. Before certification no one will bother about them, but after certification their market value increases tremendously.


These are the benefits that you are going to enjoy after completing sap pp training in chennai.

Our institute provides sap pp training with screenshots contains all the outputs for the future reference. our institute is good in providing sap pp training chennai.


Prove your technical skills with sap pp certification in chennai


Nowadays the corporate are looking for the professionals with sap pp certification in chennai So many of them are eagerly looking for the certification which is an globalised certification. SAP certification is one of the most successful IT certification. Many of the people are getting placed in top companies directly or indirectly. Like all other certification the SAP also have lot of controversy between the benefits of certification and hands on training then choose your career as sap pp consultant. Even though the SAP certification is very important the cost minimum of 500 USD. So, we should take the exam very seriously because you need to pay the money before the certification. Our sap pp course content starts with the basic concepts like production planning definition for easy understanding of concepts. Learning sap pp training is very important to survey in today’s world.


Registration process:


  • Visit SAP website for getting user ID.
  • Using the ID create an user profile and apply for the examination.
  • An acknowledgement email will be received with the examination date, time and venue.
  • These are the steps involved in getting sap pp certification in chennai to prove your technical knowledge.


An overview of sap pp module training in chennai




SAP PP is a production planning. The production planning definition is as follows, It is a significant module in SAP. Integration is done with other modules or components like Material Management and Plant Maintenance. It is very important for company SCM function and also used in planning process.


The list of sap pp module training in chennai is given below,


  • Sales and Operation Planning – SOP
  • Master Planning – MP
  • Capacity Requirement Planning – CRP
  • Material Requirements Planning – MRP
  • Production Orders – SFC
  • Repetitive Manufacturing – REm
  • Production planning for process Industries – PI 


The SAP Production Planning supports the overall process and the output which will satisfies the customer at low cost. During the time of general business objectives like


  • Profitable.
  • Competitive customer.


One of the main purposes of Production Planning is to establish good production rates to meet the customer demand that is the main role of management.


Overview and Benefits of sap production planning course in chennai


The role of an SAP PP professional is given below,


SAP PP enables the major activities like production, planning, controlling and scheduling. The main role in production department is to provide services for the customer at low cost.

In order to achieve the best quality of product at low cost the production department includes the following,


  • Schedule the plan
  • Inspection
  • controlling and coordinating the raw materials
  • Assisting the employees


The major role of production planning team is to make the right decision at the right time without affecting the overall production unit


Need for sap pp online training in chennai


With the growing demand for sap pp jobs in Chennai. We provide online support as sap pp online training in chennai as nowadays the working professionals didn’t find time to undergo classes. So our institute provide production planning course in chennai through skype.


Advantages in doing SAP PP course in our institute:


  • Real time trainers are going to handle all the batches with the support of sap pp training videos.
  • Special exercise and practise will be provided to learn the concepts and sap pp training material pdf soft copy will be provided for you.
  • Flexible timing.
  • 100% placement assistance will be provided.
  • Technical support will be provided for the students after completing the course.
  • sap pp training with screenshots will be provided at the end of the course with the screenshots contains all the output for future reference.
  • sap pp training ppt is available at our sap pp training in Chennai website. 


Successful completion of sap pp training chennai will support your career. The professionals are looking forward for the certificated trainer as there is a greater demand for the sap pp consultant.