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SAP SCM – Supply Chain Management is a module used to provide support to the supply chain processes via organization and its own chain network. A good proficiency in SAP SCM will enable to perform forecasting, vendor management, inventory distribution and other activities. This creates a huge demand for SAP SCM professional to be employed in a company.

SAP SCM is the tool used to efficiently manage supply chain process. It helps to plan, network, and execute supply chain of an organization. This tool offers seamless management and achieves the most competitive advantage in the marketplace. This is a key module of SAP ERP. This software completely covers all key processes including supply chain coordination.

Key Highlights of SAP SCM:

  • This tool helps any organization to easily manage their complex supply chain process in a dynamic environment
  • It helps the customers, manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, business partners and others to connect with each other, which in turn help them to efficiently manage all process of supply chain included
  • It helps to accelerate and optimize procure-to-pay process
  • The SCM produce will further allow integrate required processes and enforce contract compliance for supplier-side and supply side requirements using supply chain processes
  • It includes various planning applications including advanced planning, optimization APO and enables integration with other SAP applications

It includes primary applications such as;

  • SAP General areas
  • SAP supply network collaboration
  • Extended warehouse management
  • Advanced planning and optimization
  • Forecasting and replenishment
  • Transportation management

SAP Training Chennai provides online SAP SCM Training in Chennai. Our specially designed advanced curriculum fulfils the expectation of all candidates seeking to find their career in supply chain management. We design the modules for the professionals who are already employed and aspiring to earn a certification in SAP SCM to grow in their career. Our SAP SCM Course in Chennai will make the professionals gain the expertise to coordinate and integrate the materials, information and finances according to the supply chain process right from the manufacturer to wholesale, and to the retailer to the ultimate consumer.

Our training program will certainly boost your career as desired.

What our SAP SCM Course Contain?

We have carefully designed the training program in SAP SCM. It contains everything essential for a potential professional to perform on a real-time project. In this aspect, here follow the highlighting course content of our SAP SCM program:

  • Demand management
  • Production execution
  • Integration in SAP SCM
  • Forecasting
  • Modelling in SAP SCM
  • Demand planning configuration
  • Interactive planning
  • Integrated SCM master data
  • Integrating transactional data
  • Planning data views
  • Safety stock planning
  • Deployment / transport load builder
  • Supply network planning
  • SNP configuration
  • Master data / transaction data in SNP

Our SAP SCM Certification in Chennai program is for anyone who is new to the industry and wants to gain extra knowledge to grow in their career. No matter you are a decision maker of an organization using SAP SCM, consultant or just a beginner to work with SAP SCM, our training program can certainly help you gain required knowledge and skill sets to perform in best ways.

Giving top priorities to our candidates, we ensure that every candidate is given individual attention and best training possible. To make this possible, we also have interactive sessions, which is crucial for the candidates to learn better with good understanding.

Moreover, we also create an opportunity for the students to their own training program according to their specified requirements and thus suit their career objective too. Our various training methods will not only suit the individuals but also corporates that seek SAP SCM training for their employees.

Our live virtual classroom is the great advantage for the working professionals. It enables them to learn SAP SCM whilst without getting their current schedule disturbed and from the place where they are. Undoubtedly, we take the pride of providing the best and professional training program in SAP modules in the industry.

Our SAP SCM Training Institute in Chennai designs the course that enables potential candidates to efficiently overcome challenges involved in SCM such as increasingly complex supply networks, volatile customer demand, and others. Our technology will further enable you to manage the entire network in real-time and therefore you gain the ability to quickly leverage information and analyze to facilitate collaboration across the organization and departments within.

Who can choose SAP SCM Training Program?

Candidates are never limited to choose this training program. Right from fresher to working professionals can choose to obtain higher level certification in SAP SCM. However, professionals as follow can also aspire this training program;

  • Executives
  • Business analysts
  • Trainer
  • Program / project manager
  • Change manager
  • Business process owner
  • Power user
  • Team leads
  • System architect and others

There are no any specific prerequisites to choose this training program. Perhaps candidate with prior knowledge of Windows application environment can benefit most from this course.

Our experienced tutors have designed this training program from basic level to advanced level to suit the current industry scenario. This training will certainly enable you to handle any challenging and complex projects in SCM in an efficient way. Moreover, you will also get ample job opportunities and prospects from top organizations from around the globe. With no questions, you can find enormous changes in your career taking to the higher levels of good growth.

Our SAP SCM course is absolutely placement oriented. You can get corporate style training, which is vital to help you work on real-time project once you are employed in a company. The training programs are taken only by experienced professionals. Every module will contain projects, which in turn will also help you learn thoroughly with no doubts.

The ultimate goal of our SAP SCM Training Centre in Chennai is to develop highly skilled candidates who can efficiently work as an SAP SCM professional in an organization and improve its overall performance and productivity.

To know more about our SAP SCM training program, feel free to contact our support executive.
We are available round the clock to provide you required details.

Our professional crew is also ready to assist you to select the right training program that suits your career objective.

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Why we are No.1 ?
  • Experienced MNC Professionals
  • Corporate Style Training
  • Syllabus Based on Companies
  • Placement Oriented Courses
  • Projects for Every Course
  • Own Prepared Materials


Expand Your Knowledge With SAP scm training in Chennai

Our Institute provides SAP SCM training in Chennai, SAP SCM is defined as the supply chain management solutions and if you are new to it or considered using it, this supply chain finance course is for you. Whether you are a decision making expert consider as SAP SCM, a consulting seeking functions and details or you are just starting to work with SAP SCM, this courses will offer you the intelligence and knowledge need to make understanding the techniques and benefit of SAP SCM. You’ll find and explain on the evolution of the softwares, guide for enterprise tours through each applications, adviced to the functional implement, and expert guidelines on how to getting the best return on your investments.


What is Supply Chain?


You can optimized your supply chain integration for month in advanced streamline process such as supply networks, demand, and material requirements planning to create explaining schedule and redefined production and integration with maximize transportation schedule in our SAP SCM training in Chennai.


Don’t hold your career SAP SCM Training Chennai


In our SAP SCM Training Chennai, We at Expert Institute produced the comprehend SAP SCM Consultant. Our Institute as a leading SAP SCM talent development institute can leverage its reaches and basket of brands and knowledge service to building around the SAP education training program that would train the students and nurture well-rounded SAP SCM professional. The intensive program is import by SAP professional from leading MNC’s having in-depth products with knowledge, project implement with experience and proficient course delivery skill. Our training at three levels to learn the modules for Functional as well as Technical Consultant with supply chain integration. The international SAP certification exam is an important benchmark of consultant expertises, designing SAP SCM Education is must for all functional manager and IT professional in our SAP SCM training institutes in Chennai. Our SAP SCM training Chennai, It is a step towards multi-level SAP training program. Our training institute would offer SAP Training in Chennai. Instructor Led Training Program (ILT): Batchwise, classroom based, instructor-led SAP course Program. SAP SCM Training Chennai is conducted by certified and experienced SAP Consultant from leading MNC.


A Sure Way to Plan your future in an IT Career SCM training in Chennai


SCM Training in Chennai provides the course Supply chain management, It is a cross-functional approaches to manage the movement of raw goods into an organisation, certain aspect of the insight process of material into finished products, and then the movement of finished materials out of the organisation toward the end-consumer with supply chain finance.

Our institutes delivers several option for students considering skills with enhancement and career development in the field of supply chain logistics & supply chain management system, These procedure and concept only learn on our SCM Training in Chennai institute.
Learn how to use SAP SCM in your own process through live example, lab exercise and real-time case studies.
Learn the explore SAP SCM Enhancement as of Release 7.0 SAP SCM training pdf
Navigation and the significant change to SAP SCM, includes its new application and migration from a predominant planning of focused tools are available in our SCM Training in Chennai.


Advanced Your Future – SAP SCM certification in Chennai


SAP SCM Certification in Chennai, In SAP certification course offers competitive edges and take your career ahead with a big lead. SAP certification in Chennai is the right way for organization as supply chain conference to assess and verification of their consultant or employee and expertises with ensured that they have the skill required to effectiveness implement and operates SAP SCM solution.

SAP SCM Certification in Chennai provides you the new version of SAP softwares to make sure you are the competitors in market with new skills. We support you to configuring SAP software in your laptop , so that you can connected the remote and do live practice.
Real Time Trainers with 8+ years of experience in our SAP SCM Certification in Chennai.
Lab practice with new SAP software for your best practical experience and providing SAP SCM training material.
You will participates in our SAP SCM Demo class.
If you join SAP SCM training in Chennai and don’t like the courses , we give you refund.
Our motive goal is to provides you the knowledge not just makes business out of your profit.


Learn leading technologies from Certified Experts SAP SCM modules in Chennai


In our SAP SCM Modules training in Chennai, contains a collection of training planning application related to Advanced Plan, Optimization, Schedule and Integration with other SAP SCM execution application. The Major application are separated as SAP General Area, SAP SNC-Supply Network Collaboration, SAP EWM-Extended Warehouse Management, SCM APO-Advanced Planning and Optimization, SAP EDS and EIS, SCM Forecasting and supply chain optimization SAP TM-Transportation Management are the SAP SCM training material. These modules training only from our SAP SCM modules training in Chennai.


Improve Your knowledge by learning from SAP SCM online training in Chennai

Our Institute offers you Best SAP SCM Online Training in Chennai. SAP SCM training institutes in Chennai, course is taken by 8+ years of SAP SCM Certified expert in top MNC. Our Trainer has excellent technical and communication skill. Online SAP SCM Class in our SAP SCM Online training in Chennai a free and trustworth process. All communication are done by official mail id. We accept only online payments to make ensure there is no gap between customers and Institute. You get an official receipts as soon as you do the supply chain optimization.SAP SCM Training in Chennai, Learn SAP SCM -Supply Chain Management provides the ensured functional of supply chain logistics, planning, supply chain conference and analysis. Take advantages of a training curriculum that can support you driven the maximum values from your investments

SAP SCM Online training in Chennai provides you the remote connection to the new version of SAP softwares for your practical. Our Trainer will help you how to configure the software step by step.

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Why we are No.1 ?
  • Experienced MNC Professionals
  • Corporate Style Training
  • Syllabus Based on Companies
  • Placement Oriented Courses
  • Projects for Every Course
  • Own Prepared Materials